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Sonar’s Journal: Ten Fantastic Ways To Destroy Your Business | Vol. 2


Just to satisfy as many that have been clamoring for a second post to the Ten Fantastic Ways To Destroy Your Business”, here is an additional ten ways CEO’s can go about destroying their businesses. Please note, spoilers ahead and if you have not read the first part of this article, it is my pleasure to kindly ask you to flee from this page by clicking the link above to get the first part.

On the other hand, if you have already done that, then here it goes…

Note: The need for constant reference to bosses is not to ignore the fact that there are also workers that need to step up. The reality is that the burden of responsibly will always lie more on the shoulders of leaders than their followers and it is often said that once the foundation of a thing is well laid, the structure would stand the test of time. Leaders are builders and bosses are leaders not rulers


However, recent statistics have shown that bad bosses have become a great cause for concern in the labour market,on April 15th 2015, CNN published an article on Causes Of Bad Work-Life Balance and guess which one came up as number one cause? Your guess is as good as mine. See the brief run down below:

  1. Bad bosses 69%
  2. Late closing time39%
  3. Incompetent colleagues 31%
  4. Traffic 30%

A and B is said to be higher in African countries especially ours, it does not take a genius to deduce from the report that the bad eggs are more among bosses, God help the good ones. That being said dive in and read with reckless abandon.


The value of creating a system while in business can not be overemphasized because a system helps the business to run without hitches, a system also act as a guide and a fail-safe factor that promotes disambiguation of duties and procedures. One good way to create confusion in the business/work environment is to allow things run without order due to absence of an established system or protocol.


This happens a lot when some businesses are recruiting, in a bid to attract good hands CEO’s sometimes over-sell the business in terms of raising false expectations in the mind of the potential staff. This does not help the business in anyway because from the moment the new staff discovers that what comes in is less than what was promised, you will not get his or her best anymore. In addition, many staff will immediately begin to plot their way out.


Perhaps closing time was five O’ Clock at some point but you kept changing it for your staff increasing the hour each time you changed it. Perhaps it’s not just the closing time but every other operations also suffer from constant irregular changes usually for the worst. This is enough to get your staff confused and contemplating a better option. The problem will become even more visible when expensive errors occur leading to loss of income and sometimes clients.

4. TAG/LABEL YOUR STAFF (Make jest of them)

This is common with bosses who will easily create derogatory nick names for people just to either get a good laugh or to express displeasure. This habit will be a good catalyst for bringing down your business. It is an effective psychological way of killing motivation.


There is a huge difference between recruiting and assigning tasks to individuals based on who is qualified for an available position, from recruiting based on irrelevant criteria such as religion, tribe, political affiliations or some other vein sentiments. Sometimes the right person for the job may not be a member of the tribe or religion you wanted, failure to employ this person based on these shortsighted reasons similar to the ones mentioned above becomes a direct act against progress.

6. AVOID COMMENDING YOUR STAFF (After all you pay them)

Renown business mogul and billionaire,Richard Branson once said;

“An excellent worker puts in his best without expecting an award but an ignorant boss will take it for granted”.

He also said;

“There are no magic formula for great company culture, the key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated”.

Personally I call the last quote the golden rule for business, sadly a shocking percentage of bosses today are so profit driven that they run their staff like machines, poorly maintained and largely unappreciated. It is therefore no surprise why businesses fail.


A degree does not make one civilized, being in constant tune with modern day innovation, trends and following them does. Technology when put to proper use can make life easy and fun especially in business.

CEO’s and managers who ignore the use of technology face the problem of delays and human error in addition to the fact that they will not compete well in their field. Those who do apply technology on the other hand enjoy the pecks of speed and accuracy along with ease on the job.

8. BE THE TYRANT (Command Fear)

This condition is often classed with the group of psychosis that relates to insecurity and psychologists have come to describe the sufferers as unwilling to treat it, partly because many do not even know it’s an illness while others that know would rather not treat it due to fear of facing the truth.

Bosses that prefer to be feared tend to be needlessly harsh with people, they often mistake fear for loyalty or respect whereas these things are different from each other,they end up surrounding themselves with sycophants that would lie and pretend while singing praises of the boss all to keep a steady pay check, these class of people around the boss are not loyal, they abandon the job once the boss is not looking.

Such work environment is often categorized by dissatisfied staff always complaining and not willing to give their best, the boss in the other hand is always paranoid and Pensive, so to crash your business be the tyrant.


Control freaks are really amusing, these are people with an unhealthy habit of trying to control everything including people. As bosses they are very unstable, just the right ingredients to ruin the business, they create unrealistic protocols, epistles of rules and a chronicle of procedures enough to wear staff out with fatigue. They just want to know everything to control everything, It’s a nightmare working for control freaks and the story frequently ends the same way, a loose loose scenario.


We all have to watch ourselves for this one because even well meaning intelligent bosses make the same mistake unknowingly, it is a backward syndrome that sneaks up on conversion unannounced.

Imagine a discussion at a meeting where someone is pushing forth an idea of positive change for company progress but because the boss disagrees with the idea, maybe because it involves spending, change or less work time, reference is made to a time of even poorer conditions where profit was still made by the company. Watchout, this line of argument where reference is made to a dark or wrong past ignores past consequences, kills great ideas and usually makes no sense.

If what is being referred to in the past was a wrong method of doing things then it is not worthy to be referred to, how much more to be used as basis to block a positive idea. This backward syndrome is responsible for the stagnation and eventual closure of many budding businesses.

Comments are welcomed…


About The Writer:

Sunday Imonah, also known as Lord Sonar because of his good music ears and vocal prowess, is an enigmatic Presenter on Drive Time belt, the Weekend run as well as other belts on Metro FM, He is a voice Actor and writer at heart. He has produced, written, and directed creative works for the Station and beyond. He has voiced Commercials for Companies like Afrab Chem, Cornoil, numerous pharmaceutical and beverage companies as well as religious houses to mention but a few. Sunday is a social critic who uses his writings to proffer solutions for social good.


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