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Alibaba Is Witty & Spontaneous In New Photos By TY Bello


Renowned comedian Alibaba shared some new photos and added some witty captions to them. The photos taken by Gospel singer and photographer TY Bello; are spontaneous, witty and of course, humorous.

Alibaba 9

Alibaba recently shared some 50 things that can mar an artiste’s career and as the saying goes, ‘wisdom is profitable to direct’, everyone has jumped on his page to learn a thing or two – including christian artistes as various of the latter have been sharing the post on their pages as well.

Alibaba 5
When you are replying to conferences that you know nothing about online… Body go soon phone you

See more photos and their funny captions below:

Alibaba 4
I am not hear (here) for popularity… He that has ears let him hear. Been there done that… I can only share. You like you hear, you like you ignore…
Alibaba 3
I hear all sorts everyday… But I sort what I want to act upon and ignore the rest…
Alibaba 1
When your landlord perches by his window and starts to monitor your coming in and going out… You either have not paid rent or he is looking for justification to increase same
Alibaba 2
I try not to make a spectacle of myself
Alibaba 7
Alibaba 6
I taya no be lazy

Alibaba 10




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