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Yetunde Joyce's Language Of Love Talk Show Premieres On Praiseworld Radio


Yetunde Joyce’s “Language of Love” talk show is premiering today on Praiseworld Radio and she has thought to share with #SelahAfrikans; read what she said below:

yetunde Joyce“Hello my name is Yetunde Joyce YJ and I am excited to let you know that Language of Love Talk Show will be broadcasting from Praiseworld Radio starting from Wednesday 17th of June 2015 at 4PM GMT (+1) or 4PM GMT.

Again, the show is called the Language of Love and it is sponsored by Loving and Affectionate Couple. This show discusses everything about Marriage, Sex, Relationship, Society, Parenting, Ministry, Fashion, Money, Enterprise, Networking etc.

I am so thankful for this great privilege.  

Also the Language of Love Show provides an opportunity for couples to learn and to be aware that they are not alone in the journey of courtship and marital life.

So as a relationship expert, I have designed Language of Love Show with different subjects or topics to advance a godly open discussion. Furthermore, to guide people and of course I encourage my listeners/clients to choose the best way to address a situation.

Vision: To see every adult enjoying a healthy relationship, successful marital life, prosperous in their ministry or profession, to be joyful and love everyday life.

Also the organisation helps those in a relationship heading to marriage to see that marital issues are real and to prepare them to know how to deal with it.

I am hereby reminding everyone the project is a not for profit one, however, I need further support from everyone to cover the cost of production and logistics (planning, implementation and coordination of operation).

And I am using this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported Language of Love Show in the community. “


Website: lovingandaffectionatecouple.com

Twitter: @LacTips  

Facebook:  Lovingandaffectionatecouple

Email: lovingandaffectionatecouple@gmail.com


Please Read About Yetunde Joyce here

Twitter: @iamyetundejoyce

Facebook: Yetunde Joyce YJ

Email: yetundejoyce@gmail.com


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