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SelahTV: Pastor Tunde Bakare Testifies!! Shares Premonition Foretelling Collapse


pastor tundeSahara Reporters recently released a video where Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly testified about his recent collapse during a lecture saying he had to  face spiritual warfare after the incident.

The pastor who said the collapse made him know who his real friends are thanked Jesus and all who stood by him during the ordeal.

According to him, his exhaustion was partly caused by his travels between Lagos, Abuja, London, and Atlanta, US, adding that he had ignored the warning signs in the days leading to his collapse.

Talking about a premonition he had before the collapse, he said:

One afternoon I had a dream. It was an unusual dream. I saw a ring on my little finger. I don’t wear two rings, I only wear one. I looked up and coming from my left side was an unusual giant I’d never seen before. It was unusually humongous and wore an Igbo attire. I didn’t know its tribe. It was a giant and it was coming towards me. All that I knew to do was raise the ring up. As soon as I raised it, it laughed and went on. I went to the crowd addressed the crowd n woke up.”

He said he however could not explain the meaning as at the time.

Watch full clip below:


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