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Poetic: The Butterfly's Speech | By @Glowreeyah


The Butterfly’s Speech – Written by Glowreeyah Braimah


butterfly1The Butterfly’s Speech at The United Nations General Convention For All Winged Creatures

‘Fellow winged creatures,

I am the one whose past is irreconcilable with her future!

I am the emergence and the evidence of the process of one that became all that they were originally destined to be.

I was bound by my start,cocooned by my circumstance. I had no opinion to offer as regards my process. I had to be different.I had to be a spectacle.I had to have this kind of story.

I do not need the array of your colours, sister Peacock. I do not need your stealth, brother Eagle.

All of mine suit me just fine!

All of my tenderness that beguiles my strength. Though my strength may not be fiery or brash, it is the evidence of my fight. My fight that you know not of, through dead silences and maddening fright. All of my this that makes all of my that.

You see me. Yes,you see me! What manner of wings are these, you mutter underneath your breath?

Unusual? Yes. But they have taken me from my ground zero to my ascendancy!

My wings are the reminders that my necessary pain can bring forth necessary gain!

I can fly because I appreciate what I have now. I can fly because when I rise with the momentum of the wind, I am blessed to savour this moment knowing how things used to be!

Someone seemingly stronger than I am has often tried to trap me in a jar. They seek to capture my beauty peering at me through the lenses of their convenience but they fail to realise that my essence can never be capped by a lid.

I am triumphant in my being. For in the times when I have been bound, I was always free!

I may never see some snow-capped mountains. I may never soar across the glassy seas. Green fields are now my portion. Thank you, my Creator, for making room enough for me’.


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