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Selah's Journal: It Is Good For 'This Man' To Be Alone


“And the Lord God said “it is not good that this man should be alone, I will make him a helper comparable to him.” – Genesis 2:18

A lot of people wants to get married but are only preparing for the wedding day. Many have gone into the institution as a means to solve their loneliness but I will like us to clarify some misconceptions this morning.

If you look into the bible in the book of Genesis chapter 2 where God instituted marriage, you will discover that God did not give Adam a partner because he was lonely, as a matter of fact, God gave him a partner because he was occupied.

A lot of idle men and women [idleness is relative as used here. You may have a job but lacking in knowledge of the institution of marriage or courtship]  have an idea of the kind of man or woman they want in their head and if you ask them even in their sleep, they will give you a description of the things they expect to see in their partner, what is surprising however is that they have done very little or nothing to be the man or woman another person wants. One needs to pause and ask oneself from time to time as you are anticipating the man or woman you want, if you were in the shoe of that man or woman, can you marry you? Can you desire you? Are you not indiscipline, untidy, lose mouthed, unprincipled, uncultured,  and the likes?

Even this, should keep someone prepping for marriage occupied, trying to be the very best version of you because marriage is not where you go to look for the solution to your loneliness or your unreasonable calculated expectation, as a matter of fact, marriage will even expose your defects the more!

When God instituted marriage, the first thing he gave the man is His presence. That is, God put the man in the Garden of Eden and often come down to talk with the man. He had a relationship with the man who was in His presence (the garden [Gen 2:15]).

If we continue to give Genesis 2:15 a closer look, you will discover that after man was put in the presence of God which was the garden, God gave man a job! He put him in the garden to tend and to keep it. So before God gave man a wife, He gave him his presence, a job which is to tend or cultivate the garden and also to keep it, which his to protect it.

Then in verse 16, God commanded the man and gave him certain instructions to guide his way of life as he lives in God’s presence. So we see here that God gave the man His word. The man should be able to teach the woman the word of God so that both the man and the woman can be guided in His presence.

After all these things, God saw this man, who is in God’s presence, who has a job and can protect the woman, who has the word of God and He said “it is not good that this man [should do all these things] alone, I will send him a helper comparable to him”.

That is the tricky part. Most women wants to come into the relationship and put the burden on the men but women, you need to be like the Proverbs 31 woman and ask yourself, what am I bringing to the table? How am I going to be of benefit to this man’s life.

Note, we said ‘this man’. That is, before you go into any relationship, you need to also ask yourself, is this man in God’s presence? Does he have a job? Can he provide and protect? Does he have the word?

If the man is lacking in these things, it is better to let ‘this man’ [who lacks these things] be!

-Written by Alex Amos


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  1. Nice write-up. However you seem to suggest that God gave Adam a wife because he was occupied as opposed to being lonely.

    Loneliness is not the opposite of activity or the absence of it. Adam was in fact, very busy exercising dominion and yet lonely at the same time. Like God, Adam, being a son of God, had a desire to have fellowship with like beings.

    There was a vacuum that needed to filled. God filled it with Eve.
    God met the companionship needs of a busy man.

    I agree with the central thrust of the piece. Certain people may not be emotionally, spiritually or financially prepared for marriage. That’s certainly true.


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