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Award-Winning Singer Taiwo Oladoye Set To Drop 3 Videos On Easter Monday!! | Checkout Sneak Peek Photos


Now we have a lot more to look forward to this Easter as multiple award winning singer Taiwo Oladoye crowns the work on her debut album “Shake up the Heaven” with the release of more videos, set to drop on Easter Monday, 6th April, 2015.

Taiwo aims to compensate her fans clamour for more videos with a phenomenal release of 3 videos from her album at once! All directed by the prolific Oluyinka Davids of iFocus Pictures, she will  shake things up with the video for “Shake up the Heaven,” “Big, Strong & Mighty” and “As I sing”.

Pictures From “Shake up the Heavens”





estabs_1_2015-04-10_1611_C0002.mov.Still002Get ready to journey with Taiwo Oladoye as we exploit the power of the fervent prayer in the soulful “Shake Up the Heaven”. We will also lift up praises laced in African percussion and rock with “Big, Strong & Mighty” and “As I Sing” respectively, all from the visual perspective of these songs that has been blessing us.

Pictures from “As I Sing”

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_2029_C0000.mov.Still001

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_2025_C0000.mov.Still003

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_2015_C0000.mov.Still001

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_2007_C0001.mov.Still002

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_1935_C0009.mov.Still001Taiwo Oladoye has been a recipient of a handful of awards in the space of 3 years of her career. She has to her credit award winning songs such as “No Be Me Na God,” “My Mother,” “Mukulumuke” and her latest being “Lovey Lovey”. She is also a certified advertising practitioner (ARPA) & media consultant. With the release of her videos which she has described as a 3-course meal, she is ready to focus on her sophomore album.

Pictures from “Big, Strong & Mighty”

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_1806_C0000.mov.Still001

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_1722_C0000.mov.Still001

Taiwo Oladoye_1_2015-04-10_1704_C0001.mov.Still003

You ain’t ready for this one… Don’t blink!!



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