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Fun Stuff: There Goes The 'Shoki' Bug!! Sinach & Crew Dance!!


And the ‘Shoki’ bug has bitten again!! LoL!!!

The last time it was pastor Poju Oyemade and his lovely bride, This time is Gospel music minister Sinach!!

She seems to be putting visuals to the wave making song “I Know Who I Am”. She hit the beach with members of her band for the shoot of the video and adapted the ‘Shoki’ dance as they pose for picture in one of the scenes of the video.

See picture below:

Sinach 1The comical dance step was made popular by rapper Lil’ Kesh but has since been adapted by various artistes and dancers.

Like a pastor would rightly say, there’s nothing wrong with the type of dance (well… in most cases… Lol), but who are you dancing it to? Surely, Sinach who said “I know who I am” is definitely dancing to the “I Am that I Am”.

*Now dancing shoki* 😀


Twitter: @Sinach


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