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Isabella & Husband To Celebrate 20-Year-Marriage Anniversary With A Vacation – Release New Photos


Isabella Melodies (2)Popular UK-based Gospel artist, Isabella Melodies and her business magnate husband, Pastor Ogo are celebrating 20 years of marital bliss on the 7th of January 2015 by jetting off to a secret hide-away. The power couple, who are also marriage counsellors, have been together for 27 years and are blessed with four children (two girls and two boys); Shae (19), Steph (17), Shane (13) and Shemaiah (11). This is what the lovebirds had to say on the secret to their successful marriage:

Isabella Melodies (1) “First and foremost, it is the grace of God that has kept us. We commit our relationship to Him on a daily basis and we pray for each other. We are fully committed to our relationship and we put each other first before anything and anyone else. We are fiercely loyal to each other and are very protective of our relationship. We keep others out of our business and try to resolve any disagreements privately, respectfully and lovingly. It’s only natural that when you know that someone has your best interest at heart, it is difficult to take offence at their actions. And even when they offend you, it is much easier to forgive them if you trust their heart towards you. We are best friends, that’s what has kept us close even through the toughest of times. We play and laugh a lot, and we are not too proud to say sorry to each other when we hurt each other’s feelings. We also try to be as transparent as possible, we have access to each other’s emails, social media accounts, phones, bank accounts etc. We don’t keep personal friends of opposite sex. Of course we didn’t get here overnight, it has taken us years of making mistakes, learning from them and growing together, and we are still learning and growing everyday. Marriage takes work and we are determined to work ours and make it work by God’s grace”

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Isabella and her husband are both marriage counselors and would be very happy to help any couple who feel their marriage would benefit from their intervention. Females can send an email to isabellamelodies@gmail.com and males can send an email to ogouzodike@gmail.com to start with.

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SelahAfrik wish them many more blessed and blissful years ahead.

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