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"We've All Been Chazzed!" – Glowreeyah Braimah Pays Tribute To Chaz B With An Open Letter


chaz-b-455x600We will all miss the legendary Charles Bruce Chukwuma aka Chaz B but some of us will miss him than some and this is due to the varying levels of encounters we have all had with the endearing voice of this generation. No doubt, either you’ve met with him or heard his inspiring voice through your gadget, Chaz B has affected alot of lives. Chaz B passed on to Glory on Saturday morning and has weighed heavily on the heart of friends, family and fans. Gospel singer Glowreeyah Braimah, who said the news hit her suddenly and dealing with it was challenging has written an open letter via her facebook wall in order to express and deal with the sudden departure.

Glowreeyah wrote:

“Dear Chaz B aka Charles Chukwuma Bruce (my friend in the heavenly diaspora).

I have called your line severally. It just rings out. I was expecting you to give me the usual warm response -‘Hey Gloooow. How are you, my dear sister and daughter of God?’ Since we can no longer speak in this terrain, I really do hope you can read this.

While you were with us, I am glad that I used every opportunity to re-affirm who you were and the great man that I had been blessed to know. This open letter is just my own way of handling your home-going.

It’s too late for me to regret not popping into the studio as often on Mondays or Fridays as you’d suggest. Thank you for allowing me be a ‘ghost’ on the few occasions that I actually did show up just to watch you work and play catch-up.

I respected you more after those few occasions. Watching you and your team work like a happy family. Your display of compassion, courtesy, wit, dexterity, diplomacy, the sheer grit/capacity in handling the most bewildering issues, and even your ‘righteous wrath’ was particularly endearing. Listening to you share your faith-walk/industry experience one-one was always particularly humbling and intriguing.

Thank you particularly for our very last conversation.

In my personal hall of fame, you are worthy of laurels of immeasurable worth. In millions of hearts in Nigeria and around the world, you remain the heroic ‘Clark Kent’ of drive-time radio,a Super-man born for the day of adversity;saving us all with a word or song from the raging fires of life; showing your scars of triumph; giving us all a reason to just keep on going.

On behalf of us all,thank you for the lessons you’ve taught us just by being you.

Thank you for exemplifying true Christian love-daily soldiering on sacrificially inspite of the weight of your own cross; for being a voice for the voiceless, a burden-bearer, ‘a tear-dryer’,a joy-giver, a peace-initiator,a justice-seeker, a vision-starter, a match-maker, a Brother and Father to millions who needed a covering,who needed a friend. Thank you too for playing all my songs and encouraging my ministry from the acorn-stage. Thank you for not being ashamed of your faith/convictions. Thank you for being bold enough to use your platform to promote the things that truly matter-core values,relationships,family life,social justice, integrity and righteousness. Life seemed a lil’ better because you chose to shine your light a lil’ brighter. None of us(male, female,Christian,Muslim,Corporate entity, friend or foe, your family of listeners far and wide etc) can ever forget your mantra:

‘If each one can reach one,then each one can teach one,what a more beautiful nation Nigeria would be. Now whether you like it or not; whether you know it or not, you are your sister and brother’s keeper. So, show love, just because.’ 

This was how you lived for us. We’ve all been ‘Chazzed’!

If I may sing to you from that beautiful Mahalia Jackson song:

‘If I can help somebody as I pass along,
If I can cheer somebody with a word or song,
If I can show somebody he is travellin’ wrong,
Then my living has not been in vain.

If I can do my duty as a Christian ought,
If I can show God’s beauty to a world upwrought,
If I can share love’s message as the Master taught,
Then my living has not been in vain’.

Your living has not been in vain. You have run your race. You have finished strong. You have fulfilled purpose. You died empty!
Heaven rejoices today-a hero has come home!

May your family and colleagues far and wide receive the comfort reserved in this season!

I salute you and you remain in my eyes #‎Iconic‬ ‪#‎ANationalHero‬‪#‎AHumanAngeloid‬ ‪#‎AKingdomAmbassador‬

See you in glory,



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