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#SelahMusic: Soul | Take It Slow


soulNow here’s what I call a beautiful arrangement of sound; Well crafted and well delivered.

You might wanna ask though…
what’s the occasion?
Another stage performance?
And who’s on the piano?
Is that John Legend’s voice?
A million questions yea?

This is not a song! but a display of musical sincerity, a classical, award deserving masterpiece. A special Christmas delivery and it ain’t even Christmas, yet.

Listen and feel the butterflies, pack your bags and let’s go on a musical vacation with this highly inspirational song.
Be found lost in the sounds, kidnapped by the message and housed by its creativity.

Without further ado, I give you this special package from ‘Club Artitude’ studio.
Listen and enjoy “Take It Slow” written and performed by Soul (@Soul_Artitude)

Download & Listen – Take It Slow



Twitter: @Soul_Artitude


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