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Nosa & Frank Edwards Featured On M.I Abaga's "The Chairman" Album


M.I Abaga has always tilted towards inspirational and Gospel tunes and as his new album “The Chairman” hit the streets, it was no surprise to find the foremen of Gospel music Frank Edwards and Nosa on 2 inspirational tracks on his album.

The ChairmanFrank Edwards Featured alongside Oritshe Femi and Nanya on the outro track titled “The End/The Chairman” while Nosa featured alongside Milli on the 8th track titled “Brother.”

Brother expressed the need for peace and a call to reunite amongst those who were once like family but drawn apart as a result of conflict of interest. Even if one didn’t know better, you would say he was referring to the old Chocolate City crew. On the outro track, gratitude was given to the almighty God and M.I employed the artistic talents of the above mentioned artistes including Frank Edwards to achieve this.

Gospel artistes have always been the one featuring from the other camp so this is good for the Gospel music.

Photo Credits: Chocolate City/MI Abaga


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