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Nene Soul Diva Shares Her Near-Death Encounter With Jesus On Holy Holla


Holy Hola Nene SoulNene Soul Diva, now known as Nene Soul Winner was on Holy Holla  where she talked about growing up in Surulere and how environmental factors influenced her music ministry. She spoke about living close to the popular Klint Studio and how she used to be captivated by the likes of Blackey, Daniel Wilson, Tina Onwudiwe and more.

Nene also shared the story of her near-death experience and being in the presence of Jesus Christ while she was undergoing Cesarean session. She spoke about how the experience has transformed her life and has shifted her focus from doing the popular thing to doing God’s will.

She further gave a word of advice to other Gospel artistes that they should consider their ways because the fact that one is travelling all over the world, being on posters and bills does not necessarily mean you are doing the will of the master.

Listen & Download the podcast below [made available by Holy Holla]:




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