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Christians Speak Up As Video Of Woman Stripped Naked For Indecent Dressing Spark #MyDressMyChoice Protest In Kenya


kenya-protestA video of a woman stripped naked in public in Kenya last week has left many outraged and sparked social media outcry. Twitter users are now standing up for the woman,  using the hashtag #MyDressMyChoice as a call to action.

The video has been deleted from Youtube, however; AlJazeera  was able to view it before it was deleted. They describe the content of the video:

“In the video, reportedly taken at a bus stop, the woman is seen surrounded by men who strip her naked and assault her for allegedly dressing improperly.”

Kenyan police are investigating the incident with witnesses claiming that the offenders are ticket collectors for a local bus company. The firm has denied the men were its staff.

The topic has however started controversies as some Christian personalities in Kenya are of the view that “your dress is not totally your choice” while others frown against the public dehumanization out-rightly.  Truth be told, one is expected to be responsible for the way you appear but no one has the right to take such law into his own hands as to render punishment for those who violate that, besides, is it part of the judicial law anywhere?

Here are some views on the subject:

Victoria Kimani; Chocolate City Kenyan Artiste

Victoria Kimani


Samira Sawlani; Writer & Journalist

Lizzie Ntonjira; Head of Communication CAK Kenya

Grace Masalame; Kenyan TV Host, Producer & Director

“My point is, I feel this Generation feels too entitled! I understand the need to express yourself, but to some extent this “My Dress, My Choice” Movement, though with it’s heart in the right place, will only be an excuse for some girls to dress skimpily, which as I grow older… I am made to understand is personal choice of-course, so what to do but Respect that…

However I feel like this is the wrong approach! Don’t fix a wrong with a “wrong” & by that I mean taking to the streets will not change much, just today these street hooligans are at it again! the strike could just make these foolish men fight even more, instead it’s time to begin changing the conversations in our Homes, Schools, and social gatherings…This will take time!! Let’s teach our girls to have self-value again, and teach our Men to honour & respect us. Humanity is a RIGHT! So those violent acts must have consequences, but let us also find permanent solutions for Man & Woman to Co-exist.”

Sarah Fanah; Kenyan Gospel Singer

Striping a woman aside; which is not acceptable and my dress my choice aside;Do we have to wear those skimpy mini/micro skirts; at least in schools, churches and work places? should we walk around showing our bare thighs to everyone? Is it our culture as Africans? Maybe am an old school…‪#‎coveringit‬…savingitformyhusband#

Everlyne Mutua; Kenya Gospel Artiste
Everlyne Mutua


I am against the ongoing acts of dishonour, undressing women in public. Two wrongs never make a right. No one has a right to assault or molest anyone. Seriously, there are better ways of dealing with issues.

However, am also against women walking around half naked. Let’s not argue with facts well known to us… we are Africans, where nakedness is shameful. I know this matter of decency has always been an issue (I don’t even get why). No matter how much we may argue about this, exposing your body is not right. Lady, you’re beautiful, hot and sexy when you’ve covered up.

If all of us women dress in a respectful manner, chances of being stripped are very very low. If all men would know how to handle such issues in a more civilized manner, we would not witness such shame in our country.

I am yet to meet a human being whose choices are entirely individual; every single one of us is influenced by others – positively or negatively – in the choices we make in everything. So NO, my dressing is NOT my choice… it’s totally informed by society. Scan your environment and dress accordingly.

‪#‎YourDress‬ ‪#‎YourCharacter‬

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  1. We cover ourselves for others, so we just have to be well covered. Even common sense will teach us that covering ourselves creates a sense of freedom & confidence when among other people. The right spirit in you will clothe you whilst the wrong spirit in you will make you stripe to bring shame upon you. Decent dressing is a display of a healthy sober mind and is always appreciated by everyone even though they may not say a word about it.

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