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Bodies of Myles Munroe, Wife, Others Returned Home – Dave Burrows Named Senior Pastor Of Bahamas Faith Ministries


myles-munroe-ruth-jet-bahamasThe bodies of renowned evangelical pastor and motivational speaker, Myles Munroe, his wife, Ruth, and three of seven other persons who died with them in a fiery jet crash in Freeport, Bahamas, two Sundays ago were returned home to family and friends in the island’s capital of New Providence Monday in preparation for multiple memorials in upcoming weeks.

Since his untimely death on Sunday, Nov. 9, the life of Munroe, a globally recognized Christian leader, has been celebrated in memorial services across the world.

The biggest memorial, however, will take place in the place where Munroe’s life began — the Bahamas.
The life of Munroe and his wife are scheduled to be celebrated at a national memorial planned for Wednesday, Dec. 3 at the 15,000-seat Thomas Robinson Stadium in the Bahamas. Munroe’s Bahamas Faith Ministries will then hold an official funeral service for the couple a day later on Thursday, Dec. 4 at the church’s International Diplomat Center on Carmichael Road in Nassau, Bahamas.

Meanwhile, the Ruffneck Pastor, as fondly called by Bahamas locals, Dave Burrows has been named as the new senior pastor of Munroe’s Bahamas Faith Ministries on Sunday, as well as chairman of the board of governors exactly one week after the incident.

Source: Christian Post


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