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Bible News: The Esau Syndrome


Wow… it’s been too long since I wrote in “Bible News” and that shouldn’t be the case because of the importance of the category to SelahAfrik. Anyways. It’s good to be able to write today.

Watch out for the Esau syndrome: trading away God’s lifelong gift in order to satisfy a short-term appetite” – Hebrews 12:16


I want to talk about the Esau syndrome. Most of us children of God have got it. It’s always subtle on the person so it’s not easily detected until it’s full blown and probably done damage.

God has promised every child great inheritance and there is nothing the enemy can do to take it away except use the Esau syndrome. Even our Lord Jesus was tempted with the Esau syndrome but he conquered flawlessly.

So what’s the Esau syndrome? The bible says we are tempted when we are carried away by our lust. That lust is the Esau syndrome. There is a covetous, greedy and fleshly  desire that struggles with our spirit man. The collection of the temptations that easily beset us form the symptoms which make up the syndrome. It’s a daily tussle. It wars against the spirit till one day a child of God may give in saying: “Just this once.” That once is all it takes to do the damage.

When Esau sold his birth right to Jacob. He couldn’t have imagine that just merely saying so once could cost him losing the great blessings from his father to his brother in the future. The bible records that although he diligently sought redemption, there was none available any longer. (Hebrews 12: 16-17)

A little leaven leaveneth all. All it takes is a little stain, a little crack in the wall for the enemy to flood in. We come short of the grace of God when we yield to our lust and what the enemy does is to try as much as possible to open the door wide enough so that we are completely lost in series of occurrences of that sin, therefore addiction, insecurity, fear, pleasure for sin sets in.

It’s better not to yield the first time. The first time is always mild but the first time is the killer. If you are out of your way with God today. As inconsequential as it may look, I want you to know it’s the Esau syndrome. Ask the Lord for mercy and start applying the blood of Jesus so that what started mildly will not end up in grave consequences.

Pray with me. Lord Jesus I ask for your mercy. Let your blood wash away my sins. I return to you Jesus, my master and Bishop of my soul. Fill me with Your knowledge in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that I may walk fully pleasing you and become fruitful in all good works. Amen.

– By Alex Amos

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