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Selah's Journal: Is It True? Christian Men Don't Know How To 'Toast' A Lady


Behold, I am standing by the spring of water, and the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw water” – Genesis 24:13

Please read the whole of Genesis 24.

A Christian lady wrote on her social media status something I cannot really remember and quote word for word right now but goes like this; “Christian men and their ‘toasting’ style,” then she added a “ROTFL” emoticon. Well, I don’t blame her, the Christian brothers have had it coming for too long.

It’s appalling how the mere thought of a matured man asking a single lady out can be taken for immorality in the mind of a Christian brother, and when he finally gets to ask the lady out, he wants to prove by all means necessary that his intentions are noble which is not in itself a bad thing but he will go the extra mile to show the lady that his actions are spirit based. This is where the problem begins.

Christian brother, it is good to stand in the spirit especially when it comes to a lifetime decision such as marriage but I want you to know the power of God works through established channels on earth until the established channel can no longer contain the situation then something extraordinary takes its place. This is the reason why for you to get income, you have to do some kind of work, money will not just drop from heaven but a situation may warrant that God will miraculously channel money into your hands. You get the picture?

So also, a Christian brother should not go to a lady just because you have prayed and there are good signs, then start to hold the lady to ransom based on what you feel your spirit has revealed to you, and expect her to oblige you because it is the “Spirit that is speaking.” (Not like your emotions are not driving you towards the lady too… C’mon, who are we kidding?)

What I mean is this, a Christian brother may go to a lady and say something like; “I have prayed and the Spirit is saying you are my wife” and expect her to change her life and fit it into yours. Truth is, she won’t even be impressed by your approach!

Yes, you have prayed but you also need to acquire the necessary tool to decide correctly and win the lady over. The world understands this and they use it for immorality. This is because a woman is emotional; words and actions can penetrate the emotion. Abraham oldest servant understood this so when he was sent to go look for a wife for Isaac, the first thing he did was to pray, and then he followed it up with acquired wisdom when he found the lady. He also remained silent to know the mind of God. Noticed what he also did, he took expensive accessories and put it on her (Genesis 24:22). I’m not saying go out and buy expensive things for the lady (I’m not saying you shouldn’t either) but he made his intention known through pre-planned impressive actions.

Therefore brethren, it’s time to stop letting the world take away the sisters and thwarting their destinies because a brother was “standing in the spirit,” get wisdom, get books, go for meetings and counselling that will get you better and ready. You may not totally be wrong about what you think the spirit is saying to you concerning the sister but you will be totally wrong to impose it on her!

– By Alex Amos

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  1. Brothers…
    It is well.

    The church setting is just wonderful.
    What is the right way?
    What is the wrong way?

    Most people do it wrong anyways. They follow the book of whatever church they are in but eventually displease God
    But why should I judge them?

    If they know better, they will do better.

    I know the Spirit of God is available to help.

  2. Lol! ive been toasted “in the spirit” before. the guy was like God told him i was his wife, then he went ahead and told my dad and from that day started hounding me. I told him, “guy, God did not tell me anything” then he said because i wasn’t spending enough time with God. That did it for me. I gave him a nasty tongue-lashing and told him to park well.
    he gave up when i started packing face for him.
    A lot of Christian guys really don’t know how to toast. they feel they can intimidate women into dating them by using the bible. smh.
    but i’ve met other cool Christian guys that don’t go all spiritual

  3. Some peeps become so spiritual, so ghostly they lose earthly relevance. Its a tragedy to see a dude who toasts a babe by and in the spirit. Such guys should be taken on a walk through the streets of the Songs of Solomon…(kiss me with the kisses of your mouth, for your love is better than wine)….This kind of lines did not die with the old testament.

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