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Selah Story: The Demolition (A Short Story Against Rape) | By Philip Asuquo


downloadI had a brooding feeling that something bad would happen…

She led us through the farm… Showing us the beautiful produce from her farm. The adults amongst us were impressed…The kids giggled with laughter, excited at the robust fruits and vegetables.

I was happy her farm could produce such good food. Everybody was too, or so I thought.

Then a man that takes care of the old big house asked to give her a tour of the house.

She was happy and excited and decided to take up the offer. The kids trailed along. I followed, but hid myself amongst the walls. Why? I had a brooding feeling that something bad would happen…

The man took them into the big house and asked her if she’d like to see the orb in the ground floor that Christians were killed in back in the days, she said she’d love to.
He opened the door and let her go down the stairs…

He turned around to go pick something. I sneaked in behind her, picking a metal rod in front of the door as I went in.

I had a brooding feeling that something bad was about to happen…

I heard the man dismiss the kids telling them to go play somewhere else..They told him they want to see the orb too but he shooed them away.

After some minutes, I heard him descend the staircase. I quickly hid myself under the staircase, in a spot I could have a good view of him and the lady.

She was excited and chattering away while he walked in with a smirk on his face. He had something on his hand. I looked at what I had in mine and knew it was no match. I could and would take him out with the rod I had…

I think she started noticing that he was up to no good. His shoulders where squat and he had an evil glaze in his eyes.

She realized, he was about to rape her.

She had a look of utter shock in her eyes.

I think he was trying to make sure no one had followed her down there. So he came close to where I was, trying to see if anyone was there.

He looked away and looked at her, obviously running through the routine of the wickedness he was about to mete out on her..

Then he looked into the dark space I was hiding in…inching closer…I think he felt my presence. The man was huger/bigger than me but the disgust and anger I held in my chest for what he was about to do to that innocent fruit and vegetables lady was bigger than the old house could contain.

When I knew his face was close enough, I lifted the rod and clenching one end with two hands, I raised it up and hit him hard on the face.

He had a stunned look on his face. I stepped out of the dark and hit him twice on the same spot, barely missing it.

He fell to the floor, landing on the staircase. He propped himself up with his hand.

“Give me the keys or I smash the life out of you!” I slowly told him. He reached out and gave it to me.

I gave the key to the lady to go open the door while I held the rod over the man. She ran up the stairs but took long trying to open it. I looked at the man and knew he couldn’t stand up so I went there and took the keys from her, picked out the one for the door – it was flat and the key hole was flat too, so I knew it was the one. I inserted the key half way into the door and urged her to open it while I went down to check on the man…The lady was very shook.

I went down and met him trying to swallow some pills with his hand shaking. I took the pills from him and gave him one. Probably it was some sort of medication. He heaved a sigh when he swallowed the pill then lifted himself from the ground. The pill seemed to have worked instantly but I could tell that whatever strenght it gave him was no match to the disdain and anger that I had at that moment, with that rod in my hand.

We walked up and exited the dark basement…then he said something that made me stop in my tracks…

“Her daughters didn’t resist or have this luck when I did it to them”….

I was still contemplating what to do to this man that was obviously thinking his cruelty was right and fun when I suddenly woke up and realised … IT WAS A DREAM.

I sat up in bed thinking about it. Then I wondered how many ladies had been led into a rape spot like that and had no one to help them.

My heart sunk

Ladies, please no matter how much you think you trust a guy, try not to find yourself alone with him in a place you will be out of help’s reach if anything happens…

Guys, if you ever bring yourself down to the disgusting act of wanting to rape a lady, think of how you’d feel if it was your mom,sister or daughter that was about to be raped. Better yet, imagine if you were a lady and a disgusting fellow was about to do same to you…

Let’s STOP RAPE. It affects our existence, not just the victims’.

Rape scars humanity.

Brothers, when a lady says “NO”, please don’t assume that she is playing hard to get… Kindly let her “GO”.

– Written By Philip Asuquo‬


About The Writer

ImagePhilip Asuquo  has been a frontline writer and brand communications expert for some years now. He studied Mass Communication in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and has been active in the sphere of the media, especially Public Relations.

While in school, Mr Asuquo was concerned about the intellectual growth of the African youths so he partnered with a friend to run a premium youth magazine. He later founded a youth newspaper called Campus Post.

Mr Asuquo believes in providing positive media content that will help reduce the spate of ills in the society.

He is currently the Chief admin of Gospel City Naija (www.gospelcitynaija.com), a content platform managed by his media/brand consultancy outfit.

He is an ambassador for THE RELIEF ARK [ a humanitarian effort that provides support for flood victims and underprivileged persons] as well as an alumnus of TF-EDP (The Future-Enterprise Development Project), a platform put together by The Future Project and AIKI.

Contact Philip on +234 706 360 7101


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