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Bible News: Nothing Is Really Empty


The earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering on the face of the waters.” – Gen 1:2

In life, nothing is actually empty. They say an empty barrel makes the largest noise but do you know that even when there seems to be no content in a barrel, there is air in it?

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. It was recorded that the earth was empty. Haven stated the fact that there was nothing on the surface of the earth, the bible went on to state that “the spirit of the Lord was hovering over the surface of the waters.”

How interesting is that? Didn’t it say that the earth was empty? Yes because there was no physical content but the spiritual content was very present.

It’s the same thing with us. You may feel empty today, everything may feel like it’s turning upside down and your life looks like it has no meaning just a vast unending water but I want you to look at the vast emptiness, just like the waters, there is certainly something hovering on it’s surface.

Here’s the twist however, because man is made of flesh and the flesh keeps warring against the spirit. The flesh would always want to prevail. This is, in most cases where the Christian miss it. Naturally, our senses controls our reactions but for a Christian, the spirit should control our reactions. Just like the earth, what was visible was the emptiness as recorded in the book of Genesis but if you look beyond what is visible, you will see the Spirit of God and His move in the situation you find yourself.

Nothing is really empty. The mind of a man – even an atheist – has been filled with a certain belief. I’d rather be brainwashed by THE TRUTH than fill my mind with FACTS.

– By Alex Amos

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