A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.” – Proverbs 25:28

It’s such a pity that we leave in a perverted world where everything good is seen as “uncool.” “bad” is the new way to describe “good,” Virginity means you are slow and a fool, philandering and promiscuity are the new cool, sex appeal is the weapon of marketing and so on.

In Nigeria, one of such things that has been twisted in meaning is the word “control.” Amongst the definitions, this one really caught my attention, it says:

“To exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command. To hold in check; curb.”

To exercise restrain, hold in check and curb are words that struck several cords in me in the light of the perverted meaning of the word, in this part of the region.

“Control” was suppose to mean power – well it still means power in this part of the region, only it adds the evil of power to its meaning.

Someone may say but if we go by the definition, it does not separate who gets the power from who uses it. You are right but the perversion is what readily comes to mind when you hear the word.

A singer sang the song “Omoge Wa Gba Control” which means “Come and get the control girl” and from the interpretation, I don’t think I need to go into details of the connotative meaning. Prior to this, internet fraud perpetrators also known as “Yahoo boys” have been bastardizing the meaning of this word as well, to mean the digits that entraps their victim.

The irony is this, God wants the word “Control” to be a guide, a restrain, something that holds our lust in check and curb our excesses but the word has been perverted to mean something that celebrates our lust for sex, material possessions, our greed and more. If there is any control to collect, it should be that which retrain, curb and keep us in check!

The fact is the word of God is true and if it says a person without self control is like a city without wall, that means those who celebrate and perpetrates the ugly connotation of the word are actually opening themselves up for various attack because nothing stops the enemy from taking a city without walls over. In the old times, kingdoms are always enclosed within walls and when war breaks out, the first point to secure is the gates, if you don’t have walls, how do you intend to secure the gates?

Now there are many gates to the mind but that will be a lesson for another day!

– Written by Alex Amos


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