As Valentine’s Day approaches, we are made to look at things from the perspective of love once again… for most of God’s children, Valentine is just the occasion that makes us join the rest of the world to celebrate love but the expression of it is an everyday life because God is love!

It’s His nature, he cannot be any other way. This is why the Songs of Solomon and the book of Hosea expressed the love He has towards us — even when we are wayward. He demonstrated this by giving up His Child for death while we were yet sinners.

In this season of love, which ever way you choose to express the love of God, towards your spouse, friends, family or maybe you just want to say something beautiful to God, here are some Valentine’s day quote to help you put the words together.

Check them out below!

  1. “To love means, not just looking at each other, but in the same direction”
  2. “Every day that I’m with you, I love you more”
  3. “I love you more than I did yesterday, but lesser than tomorrow”
  4. “Love is a symbol of eternity, your love has made me complete”
  5. “Love wipes out all the sense of time, it erases the memory of a beginning and also the fear of an end.”
  6. “If you trip over love, you can still get up, but once you fall in love, you fall forever.”
  7. “To carry all my love for you, even a hundred hearts would be few”
  8. “You have to be careful in love at the beginning, the running into your lover’s arms only come later, when you’re sure that no one will laugh at you”
  9. “A better fate than wisdom can only love and kisses”
  10. “Grow old with me, for the best is yet to be”
  11. “Love me with a love that is more than love”
  12. “Love is like a magician that can pull a man out of his hat”
  13. “Whatever time may be to others, for lovers it’s an eternity”
  14. “What was needed for me to be able to survive, the earth has given me, but why I needed to live has been given to me by you”
  15. “ I love you with all my heart and all my soul”
  16. “Love is that game with two can play and win at the same time”
  17. “Love is like an ailment that cannot be hid”
  18. “Love can open windows and even unlock doors that were never even there before”
  19. “True love stories can never have endings”
  20. “It is immeasurable by anyone how much love a heart can hold”
  21. “ Love means missing someone, when they are away, but still feeling warm for you know that they are close to your heart”
  22. “The soul can meet another soul only when in true love”
  23. “Love is a silent saying, and the saying is of only one name”
  24. “Love is a disease that has no earthly cure”
  25. “Love has its reasons that even the heart knows nothing of”
  26. “Love is the glue that puts fun in being together, the sad when being apart and joy in one’s heart”
  27. “A person is born with that need to love, and never does he outgrow it”
  28. “It is easy to be passionate, but only love can make you silly”
  29. “Love me like there is no tomorrow and no yesterday, only the present moment and each other to hold”
  30. “Having someone love you for who you are is perhaps the best feeling in the world”
  31. “It is astonishing how one feels alone, without the one they love”
  32. “If you love me the world is mine”
  33. “Love is that irresistible desire to be irresistibly desires”
  34. “Love can be called a poetry of senses”
  35. “Come to live in my heart and pay no rent”
  36. “Love is the feeling of being stupid together”
  37. “Love is a collection what you’ve been through with somebody”
  38. “One of the greatest refreshments in life is Love”
  39. “The most beautiful view is the one that I share with you”
  40. “You are my whole heart for the whole of my life”                                            – Quotes from 2014valentinesday.com
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