Afro Fusion Gospel artiste Gaise is one of those rear artistes that have crossed over from one genre to another and have managed to hold it down whatever the route they chose.

Gboluwaga Akinade Ibuoye also known as Gaise broke into the Gospel scene with his 2011 album “Gaise Baba,” which was accompanied by the video “Follow Follow.” It was nominated for the Best Indigenous Concept at the Nigerian Music Video Awards 2011 and for Best Video at The Africa Entertainment Awards 2012 in Malaysia. He also won The Scepters Award for New Revelation in the same year. the video for the smash hit single “The Movie Song” backed up the effort. The video was directed by DJ Tee and was acclaimed critically.

Earlier in the year (2013), Gaise released the video for yet another smash hit titled ” Awa O Tush,” this was few days after he released the song “Little Drops.” He was also named the Cultural ambassador of Ekiti State recently. SelahAfrik‘s Alex Amos caught up with the Gospel singer/rapper to quiz him about all his success, his particular genre of music and more in this exclusive interview.DSC_4244

SelahAfrik: Can you tell us about your background, where you hail from, childhood and education?

Gaise: I’m an Ekiti boy, from Okemesi-Ekiti precisely. Schooled in First Foundation school Ile-Ife, King’s College Lagos, and Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.

SelahAfrik: How did you begin your journey into music?

Gaise: I started writing songs in that period between King’s College and OAU, thanks to JAMB (laughs), honed those skills during my time in Great Ife and then signed with Sanctified Records as I completed my youth service (NYSC).

SelahAfrik: A lot of contention has been raised about your music genre, can you define your music? Are you a rapper, a singer or a bit of both?

Gaise: Omo, everything ni oh. Na as e enter my head I dey drop am. I can do any of both, its a matter of the direction to which I’m inspired. My genre of music is Afro-Fusion.

SelahAfrik: Recently you were appointed as a cultural ambassador to Ekiti State Government, how does this makes you feel?

Gaise: Honoured. It shows my works aren’t going unnoticed, getting recognised on such a big stage and scale by my state government is definitely something to be grateful and excited about.

SelahAfrik: As a cultural ambassador, how are you using your music to portray and promote the richness of the African culture, other than the fact that you infuse the local dialect into your music?

Gaise: That ‘fact‘ that you want me to ignore is the most primary thing. Nothing distinguishes a culture from another as much as language, and so there’s no stronger way of ‘louding’ one’s culture in music, than using one’s language to express whatever it is one is singing about.

GaiseSelahAfrik: Again, as a cultural ambassador, do you think there is the place to draw the line between culture and Christianity?

Gaise: No, not really. I don’t think anyone disturbs the other.

SelahAfrik: Did your song “Little Drops” – which is a very patriotic effort on your side – bring home the ambassadorship?

Gaise: The honour was in recognition of my efforts in the Arts & Culture industry so far, not just any one of my works.

SelahAfrik: I love your songs, e.g “The Movie Song,” “Dobale,” “Awa O Tush” (especially), how do you draw your inspiration?

Gaise:Inspiration comes from God, and I mean this in every sense of the word. It can come via various mediums (a great instrumental, an experience, a new information) but all good gifts(inspiration) come from above.

SelahAfrik: With the success your songs are enjoying, you must be prepping for an album release now right?

Gaise: Fingers crossed, watch out!

SelahAfrik:  How did you come about being signed to Sanctified Records?

Gaise: It was through a friend who had seen me perform a few times, heard my very early materials. She heard Manie X (CEO, Sanctified Records) was searching for a christian artiste to work with, she got us to meet and the rest as they say, is history.

SelahAfrik: Any upcoming single, event, endorsement etc, that we should know about?

Gaise: As they unfold, you shall be duly informed.

SelahAfrik: What do you do for relaxation?

Gaise: I basically hang out with friends, go see a movie, go to the beach, or go swimming(more like play in water lol)

SelahAfrik: Where would you say is your favourite fun place in Lagos?

Gaise: I don’t have any particular one yet.

SelahAfrik: I know you love soccer like most Nigerian men, can you share this obsession with us? Which club do you support?

Gaise: I’m an Arsenal fan, been an Arsenal fan for 15 years now, seen a lot of good times as well as trying ones. Favourite all-time gunner is definitely Dennis Bergkamp; he was too much of a ‘natural’.

SelahAfrik: What’s the most recent gadget you bought?

Gaise: Earphones.

SelahAfrik: What are you most comfortable wearing, suit or jeans and T-Shirt?

Gaise: Suit bawo? Do I even have? (Laughs)

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your perception of Gospel music juxtaposing it with secular music.

Gaise: We are making good progress. Events like Gospel Night Live, Jam Sessions, Coterie etc, are bringing everyone together and causing synergies that will further develop the industry.

SelahAfrik: Is there a woman in Gaise life? Who?

Gaise: A woman? There are women in my life; a few occupying very special places and others following.

SelahAfrik: Give a Shoutout

Gaise: I’ll like to thank everyone who’s been supporting Gaise thus far; my friends on Facebook(www.facebook.com/gaisebaba) and on twitter(@gaisebaba), thank you all, God bless you greatly!

Watch Awa O Tush Oh here

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