SelahAfrik Rated Next showcases the best of Nigerian Gospel music potential (upcoming) stars. It aims at providing media platform for the artiste with the tool of profiling so that such artiste have a cogent referral when need arises to put one forward.
Today on Rated Next we have Gospel Songstress EVI. Evi Okpu is a Recording artiste influencing the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Born on 20th October 1988. She  started in the choir before releasing her two singles “Notin Do Me” and “Speak” that can be downloaded from her ReverbNation account.

Evi loves writing songs, singing, listening to good music, acting and discussing important issues especially those that have to do with God’s Word. She grew up in a family of professionals. Her dad is a broadcaster and her mum a teacher. She was taught to be excellent, strong, morally upright and determined as a result of her parents influence.

An award recipient from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PHD), she has ministered in church programs and the maiden edition of Best of Lagos Concert organised by Miss Fola of Nigeria Info FM, Lagos.
Evi holds a bachelors Degree in Linguistics from Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria. She sees life as an opportunity to influence people positively with God’s word through her music. She is determined to change lives and is on a mission to bring hope, joy and peace to those in and outside her world. Her next single will be released in December.

Evi spoke with SelahAfrik about her life and ministry, here’s what the Gospel minister has to say:

SelahAfrik: What inspired your song “Speak?”

Evi: [smiles]. My inspiration for Speak was born when after I listened to a message by my Pastor in church. He spoke extensively on the word of God and how to use it everyday. He talked about declaring and speaking the word of God to change situations. At that time, I had a challenge that I wanted to solve so as I heard the message, the
Holy Spirit ministered to me.

SelahAfrik: What gave you the conviction to go into Gospel music in a time when the secular music seems to be the vogue.

Evi: Well, singing Gospel music is a calling for me although, when I was growing up I didn’t wish or plan to be a gospel artiste. I
was just a member of the choir and I loved music so much. I got the conviction when I started singing a song I didn’t write nor heard before. I marveled
because I knew it wasn’t ordinary. It was Supernatural. Sometimes, I wake up singing songs from the Spirit. So when I saw the signs, I just knew that God wanted me to do gospel music.

What was childhood like for you, tell us about growing up.

Evi: Growing up was fun. I was born into a christian family. My family was very active in church. I’m wasn’t from a rich family but I was comfortable, I had everything I needed. My parents are disciplinarians. My dad didn’t spare the rod, he used it when and where necessary (laughs). They taught me to be studious, morally sound and disciplined. As a child, I wanted to be a lawyer. I like their big big English (laughs). But God had other plans for me.

SelahAfrik: Are your parents supportive of your music career?

Evi: My mum is very supportive of my music but my dad is yet to give his full support. He wants me to quit music (laughs).

SelahAfrik: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Evi: In the next 5 years, I want to be seen as a role model to a lot of people around the globe especiallly upcoming musicians. I also want to see myself as an icon, an influence and a positive achiever. Using gospel music to change lives and put faith in d hearts of men.

SelahAfrik: What else should we be expecting from you, any show, single, album or video?

Evi: I will releasing my next single soon. Just watch out! (Winks).

SelahAfrik: Tell us your conviction about Jesus Christ.

Evi: My conviction about Jesus is that He is the master, the life giver, and the ruler. If you have Jesus in ur life, you can have anything you need or want. He is d way, truth and the life. I always like to say “Jesus is the only way.” When I gave my life to Jesus, my life changed. Thank God for my ministry.

SelahAfrik: You just celebrated your birthday, not too long now. How did the celebration go?

Evi: October 20th is one of my best days in the year. I didn’t actually throw a big party, though lot of people were expecting a party considering the age I was marking (laughs). But I celebrated it with my dad and other family members. I went to church and the church prayed for me… That was the best part. I also did alot of reflections so as to check my speed.

SelahAfrik:What else do you do apart from music?

Evi: This is one question I don’t like to answer (laughs). Apart from being a Gospel artiste, I’m also a banker but I prefer being referred to as a recording artiste than being called a banker.

SelahAfrik:I wonder why that is, Evi, Obiwon was once a banker as well you know? Anyways, it’s time to give your shoutout!

Evi: My shoutout goes to SelahAfrik, my Pastors, parents and those that have supported me so far. God bless. I’ll also like to advice people who want to take this line of ministry that if God is telling you to sing, go ahead and sing for Him. He will bless it. Don’t be intimidated, frightened and never look down on yourself because everything you need to succeed is in the word of God and it’s in you. Thanks!

Download “Speak” by Evi here

Connect: www.ReverbNation.com/EviOkpu

Twitter: @Gurloaded_Evi

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