Last year October 1st, as Nigeria celebrated Independence, I woke up very early and was excited about putting my very first post on this site.

I was jittery, scared and had little vision where all this was going. Didn’t know how many people will view this or how to even get them to view it.

With all my uncertainty, I went on to post my very first article on SelahAfrik (then, it was Selahonline) titled “Across the Hills.” It’s a story that reflects on our attitude towards Nigeria.


Garki District, Abuja

Garki District, Abuja

Today October 1st was no different (except I’d slept really late and woke up too early), I scrolled back to that very first post and broadcasted it on various social platforms… There was no fear anymore, just an assurance that this land has got great opportunities in stock for those who are interested in its pot of Gold.

I still believe that where there is a problem, there is also a solution and the first person to get the solution to that problem will attract value to himself. Now imagine a situation where there are various problems, that means everyone will have a chance to find a solution to one of the problems if you are interested and the solutions will together create a better place for all of us.

Victoria Island, Lagos

Victoria Island, Lagos

I am a strong believer that there is a purpose to wherever you find yourself and I have any seen a statue erected for a critic, therefore instead of complaining and bastardizing the government why not begin to find a way you can be of use to it.

Let me tell you a little tale:

Two rats fell into a bowl of cream, one quickly gave up and drown. The other rat, determined to survive, even if he had to die trying started swimming around the bowl trying to cling to its wall but it kept slipping back. Unrelenting, it kept on swimming till the cream, due to the constant turning became solid butter. The rat standing on the butter was able to hop out of the bowl.

You may think your contribution to this great nation is little but you have no idea the amount of cream you are turning to butter and how far you can hop (to different places) once you have solid butter. Keep keeping on!

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