“But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.”
-James 1:4

woman praying silhoutteFor some weeks now, I have been drifting back to the topic of “waiting on God.” Though I have chosen different title but it has been the same message of waiting so now I’m convinced God is using me to speak to someone. The person may not even come across this blog until sometime later but let’s imprint this message too in time. Moreover, I thank God for that person this messages have been prepared for and as you read these messages, receive deliverance in Jesus name – Amen.

There was a time my finances were really messed up and I did not know where the next income was coming from. I was pledging the little I had in the church so that I was always left with nothing on me at the end of the day. I will often say, a time will come when I will give and still have some left on me. And that’s exactly what happened!

It sounds so simple right? Well God’s arithmetic is simple, it’s trusting him that is always human’s problem.

Few weeks before my finances received a turn around, I had heard God spoke to me clearly that “you are not leaving here anytime soon.” I was disturbed in my spirit because I was desperate for a change. I needed something to break because I had all these dreams concerning my ministry but nothing seems to be working, I couldn’t even keep my finances balanced but I didn’t argue with God’s voice, I simply replied “let your will be done” although I was downcasted.

When things changed in my finances and I started walking uncharted Gods-answerterritories, I looked back at that word I had heard from God that day and I realized that although it wasn’t yet time for my big announcement by God and He still wanted me to stay for a while longer, he took away my greatest worries by giving my finances balance. My point is this, God is not wicked nor unjust to forget “your labor of love.” Everything He does is for your good. What if I had not listened? What if I had gone my way when He said He wanted me to remain where I was?

Yes, He wanted me to stay there but while He didn’t reveal to me that He will sustain me there, few weeks after I obeyed, I became a shocking testimony in the same place that I have been ridiculed.

God’s ways are different from our ways and He is working it out for you though it does not feel like it. Today, when I look back at the things I have been through and how he had brought me out to a vast land, it still bring tears to my eyes – even now.

That experience changed my faith level. Now I don’t live by the world’s rules for finances. I live by the heavenly rules. I am not at all bothered by how much I have or how much I don’t have because God is my source and as a result, when i talk about how God has brought me out to a vast land, It has nothing to do with finances! (Although i’m not doing bad in that department… LOL).

Gods-Answers-To-Our-PrayersYou may be desperately crying out for a change but pause and hear what he has to say. It may not be what you want to hear but at the end, you’ll be glad you did.


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