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However, I’m glad to introduce to you Pastor Popoola Oluwatobi. I read a short write-up which he posted on Youversion and became captivated by his testimony. One of this days, I will get his permission to post the testimony but today, let Pastor Popoola tell us about the Director of directors behind the scenes – God!

directorschairIn the university, as a student pastor, I preached a sermon that I could never forget. It was captioned: Seeing God’s Purpose In Failure. That sermon so touched lives that some persons in the audience couldn’t hold back tears of hope. A lot of them thought it was over for them because their lives were messed up, but that day, a light of hope was ignited in them, and they were re-positioned to pick up their broken pieces for the Potter to mend.

Samson made a decision in Judges 14 to marry a Philistine. It sure was very wrong because God had instructed them not to take spouses from heathen nations. It was a terrible mistake; a mistake that his parents tried to correct to no avail. People condemned and nailed him to the cross for such a terrible mistake, but, wait a minute, what did God have to say about it? The Scripture says…”It was of the Lord” vs. 4. What??? Did God lead him into such unrighteousness? Definitely not. I believe, that statement means, God decided to convert his mistake to a miracle. He made a mistake, but God took His place behind the scenes re-directing his mistake for a major victory.

Friend, I don’t know what mess you are in right now. It may seem to you like you are too messed up to be fixed, but you are wrong. I once thought so too, but God proved me wrong. I am a living proof of what God can do with a messed up life. Why not pick up those broken pieces today and go to the Potter’s house for fixing? Every season we go through in life is for a purpose. My season of failure has made me more efficient in doing what I am sent to do.

Truth is, there isn’t really such thing as mistakes, there are only lessons.
Move on today because God isn’t through with you yet. It isn’t over until God says it is over, and God won’t say it is over until you win.

Remember: Growth isn’t an event, it is a process, it doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily.

Pastor Popoola Oluwatobi

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