I was up early this morning, excited with numerous Nigerians about the celebration of independence till I got on the social networks and started to see beloved Nigerians cursing out Nigeria and her independence so early in the morning. It was so disheartening for me knowing fully well that WE ARE THE NIGERIA WE HATE. The land is not the problem, we are. So, I had to include this post, though I originally had a different post in mind today the lunch of Selahonline but I guess this is good enough. Enjoy

An old man, who had probably lived all his life in a little town across the hills, populated by a very small group of people sat at a gas station after walking his regular course one morning when a traveler approached him.

The old man, Looking behind him as he approached, could see his family in the U-haul. He guessed they were new settlers.

Morning sire,” said the man and bobbed.

The old man returned the gesture

“Sire, what can you say about the town across the hill?” He asked the old man.

“What can you say about where you are coming from?” Replied the old man.

“Arrgh!” He grunted, “that place is God forsaken! Nothing seems to be working, the people are cruel and unfriendly. Business don’t work… Its a sorry place to be!”

“Oh, so is the town you are headed.” Said the old man.

Disappointed, the man got back into the U-haul and after some indecisive moments with his family, he drove away from the town across the hill.

A few minutes passed and another family driving a U-haul drove into the gas station for a refill. Again, the man who appeared to be the father of the family approached the old man with the same question.

“What can you say about the town you are coming from?” Asked the old man.

“Wow! The town is great, the people there are friendly and if you are wise enough, there are a lot of business opportunities.” The man replied merrily.

Oh, so is the town you are headed.” Said the old man.

The man thanked the old man and continued his journey towards the town across the hills.

The gas station attendant who had witnessed both scenarios was displeased because the old man had sent the first man away and accused him.

“Son,” said the old man. “How can you pass the course of a lecturer you hate? What those men saw in the town they came from, that made them loved it or hated it, they will also see in our town.”

    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.” -Psalm 122:6

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